8ft Banquet Table

Fits 8 people using the sides of the table; Fits 10 people using the sides and ends of the table

Recommended seating of 8 people especially while dining

Linen Available, See product description for options

Availability: In stock

Our 8ft Rectangle Banquet Table is a rectangle style table that is great for events that need longer tables vs our standard size. It seats 8 to 10 people, with a recommendation of 8 people especially when your guests will be eating at the table.  Both our standard folding chairs and resin chairs work great at this table! Additionally, we offer linen in black, white, and a few other select colors. We have three different sized linen for this table so we are sure to have something for your event!

Do you only need to rent 1 to a few tables? We offer customer pick up for your convenience on smaller orders that want to avoid the delivery fee. Of course, we offer delivery as well if you need it delivered to your door!

Table Size: 96″ (8ft) L x 30″W x 30″H

Seating Arrangement:

Fits 8 people using the sides of the table

Fits 10 people using the sides and ends of the table

Linen Sizes:

Halfway Length – 60 x 126

Full Length – 90 x 156

Linen Colors:

(Please note, for select colors we only have one to a few available in stock. Colors with 10 or more available will be marked in bold. Please contact the office to see if we have the quantity you need)

60 x 126: Black, White, Ivory, Red, Yellow/Gold, Pink Blush, Orange, Green, Royal Blue

90 x 156: Black, White

If you have any questions about our tables or items, please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208!

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