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Castle Combo Jumper Slide

Can be used as a waterslide or a dry slide!

Requires a 36ft Long by 19ft Wide Space

Inflatable Size: 30’L x 13’W x 15’H

Our castle combo jumper slide features the best of both worlds! This inflatable has both a full size jumper and a super wide slide attached to it. You enter in through the jumper and bounce to your heart’s desire. After that, you can climb up the small climbing area to reach the top of the slide. Once you slide down, you splash into the small pool and get to do it all over again!

Our castle combo jumper slide can be used dry so you can bounce in the jumper and slide down the slide without any water! It can also be used wet as a waterslide so the waterslide gets wet and fills up the small pool area at the bottom.  Additionally, the jumper features a basketball hoop in the back corner so your guests can jump while playing basketball. There is so much to do in this inflatable! 

Our castle combo features industry standard vinyl so you can ensure that your guests will have a fun and safe time. This unit really is the best to provide a fun experience for guests wanting to jump and slide.

Do you like this style of jumper slide but want a different theme? Check out our DOLPHIN COMBO which is the same exact unit just a different look!


Size: 30’L x 13’W x 15’H

Required Space: 36ftL x 19ftW