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Kids Table/Small Banquet Table

*Chair Rental is Separate 

Great as a Kids Table and more!

Adjustable Height Makes Table Perfect for Various Uses

Used as a Kids Table: Fits 4 kids using the sides of the table and Fits 6 kids using the sides and ends of the table


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Do you need seating for kids at your event? Our Kids Table is perfect for those who want extra seating for kids who will be at their own table. Additionally, this table is great for events needing a small rectangle style table for numerous uses. With an adjustable height, this table certainly can be used in a variety of ways using the 3 different heights. Please note, it is a smaller table in width versus our standard banquet tables. This table measures 2ft wide vs our standard banquet tables measuring 2.5ft wide. The 3 adjustable heights measuring from the floor to the top of the table are: 24″, 29″, and 34″. Check out the product pictures to view the different heights.

Kids Table:

On the lowest setting of 24″, this table is perfect to be used as a table for kids and can be used with our kids chairs. This is best for children up to 7 years old, as it fits grade school chairs (chairs used in kindergarten to 3rd grade).  This table fits 4 to 6 children comfortably. Perfect for dining or for other activities for children such as coloring or arts and crafts.

Seats 4 kids using the sides of the table

Seats 6 kids using the sides and ends of the table

We recommend seating 4 when used for dining

Other Uses for Table:

Next, at the mid setting of 29″, this table is great for older kids or adults using our standard folding chairs. A total of 4 standard chairs can fit at this table. This table is perfect for activities such as playing board games or cards. Please note, this table is not as wide as our standard banquet tables. The table measures 2ft wide and 4ft long. Dining is not recommended if seating 4 guests at the table using the standard chairs.

Finally, at the last setting of 34″, this table is at a great height if you need guests to write down any information or fill out paperwork. Additionally, it can be used as a smaller spare table for appetizers, desserts, or other food options for your guests.


If you have any questions regarding our 4ft small banquet table, please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208!

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