Canopies and Tents

We offer a few different selections for our canopies and tents. In our smaller canopies, we have our 10ft by 10ft canopy and 10ft by 20ft canopy available. These canopies are pop-up styles for easy convenient coverage. Our 10×10 canopy can fit 1 to 2 tables underneath, depending on the style of table. They are also perfect for outdoor events that need coverage over a low amount of food tables or concession machines. The 10×20 pop up canopies can fit up to 4 tables depending on the style of table. These are perfect for backyard gatherings that need a some coverage over the tables from the weather. Additionally, they can be used to cover food tables or any items that need to stay out of the sun. Looking to add walls? No problem! Our pop-up canopies can also be used with any amount of walls as well.

For our larger rentals, we offer our 40ft by 40ft pole style tent. This tent is perfect for large outdoor spaces that need some extra coverage. Our 40×40 tent offers 1600 square feet and is perfect for weddings. It also is used in large HOA events, city and park events, school functions, or any event that needs a large area covered. This size tent can fit anywhere from 150 to 200 people using the standard banquet and round tables. If using smaller tables or just chairs, it can fit even more! The 40×40 tent can also have walls added to it for that extra bit of protection!

If you have any questions regarding our canopies and tents, go ahead and send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208.

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