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24ft Inflatable Slide

Large Slide Rental for Large Events

Must have 50ft by 50ft open space to set up slide properly and securely

Size: 37’L x 22’W x 24’H

Our 24ft Inflatable Slide is the perfect slide for large outdoor events. This slide reaches 24 feet in height and provides two lanes for quicker loading and unloading of participants. Our 24ft slide can be used wet as a waterslide or even dry to be a standard inflatable slide.

This slide is recommended for large events held in an outdoor open space.

Size: 37’L x 22’W x 24’H

Special Requirements for this Slide:

  • Must be set up in a 50ft by 50ft wide open space
  • There must be no overhead trees or powerlines in that 50ft by 50ft space
  • If set up in a backyard, the entrance to the backyard must be able to fit a vehicle through it in size
  • We need two separate outlets on two different breakers to set up the unit


For slides that can fit in a backyard, check out our larger backyard slides at 17ft and 18ft high: https://facadethemeparty.com/product-category/water-slides/





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