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Mini Dream Castle Jumper

Jumper Size: 11.4’L x 10.4’W x 12.6’H

Space Required: 14.4’L x 13.4’W

Electricity Requirements: 1 Circuit with 15 Amp breaker

Jumper must be set up within 50ft of outlet with no overhead trees or powerlines

Our mini dream castle jumper is perfect for smaller yards or events catering to younger small children. This bounce house features the main colors purple and pink, but also includes some blue and yellow. It follows all industry safety standards and uses fire-resistant heavy duty vinyl. Additionally, it has safety netting on all sides of the bouncer so you can keep an eye out on the participants.

Generally, this item can have 2 to 6 participants at a time depending on the age and size of guests. The mini castle jumper is best suited for ages up to 9 years old. For smaller participants, the jumper can fit about 6 guests jumping at one time. It can work for larger kids as well, but will only be able to fit 2 to 3 participants at a time depending on the size of the guests. These are general guidelines for this jumper. However, how many guests can bounce at one time truly depends on the size of the participants.

Jumper Size: 11.4’L x 10.4’W x 12.6’H

Required Space: 14.4’L x 13.4’W

Please make sure the set up area is an open space free from trees and overhead powerlines.

If you have any questions about our mini dream castle jumper, please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208!

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