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32″ Round Standing Height Table

*Bar Stool Rental is Separate   

Standing Height Table / Bar Height Table

Fits 2 people

Can be used as a standalone table for people to stand at

Can be used with bar stools

Linen available for this table, see product descriptions for options




Availability: In stock

Our 32″ round standing height table is the best addition you can make to your party for your guests. These tables go by many names: cocktail tables, tall boy tables, event tables, standing tables. But whatever your preferred name is, these tables are a must have at social events. This table is a standing style cocktail table for standing guests or bar stools. They provide a place for your guests to set their drinks or food down while they socialize amongst each other. Our standing height tables can be used as a standalone table for guests to stand next to or it pairs well with our bar stools.

These tables are great for weddings, baby showers, or any event where guests will be socializing amongst each other with appetizers or beverages. Guests can chat with each other with ease since they do not have to hold everything.

Our 32″ round standing table is bar-height at 43″ tall. We also offer this size round table in standard dining table height if you are looking for a small round table to fit our standard chairs.

Additionally, we offer linen for this size table. Please see below for the linen options.

Table Size: Diameter – 32″  and Height – 43″

Seating Arrangement

Recommended for two people to stand around

Recommended for 2 bar stools

Linen Sizes

3/4 Length (Approx.) –   90″ Round

Full Length (Touches the Floor) –    120″ Round

Linen Colors

(Please note, some of the select color options only have one to a few available in stock, so always check with the office to see if we have the quantity you need. Colors with more than 10 available will be marked in bold.)

90″ Round: Black, White, Red and White Checkered, Yellow, Silver, Red, Gold, Blue, Beige

120″ Round: Black, White, Silver/Gray, Navy Blue, Caribbean Blue


If you have any questions about our tables or linen sizes, please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208!


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