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18ft Wild Rapids Slide

Can be used as a waterslide or a dry slide!

Perfect for most backyards!

Size: 25’L x 16’W x 18’H

Space Requirement: 33ft by 24ft

Our 18ft Wild Rapids Slide is a dual lane slide featuring the main colors of gray and blue. Most importantly, it is loved by people of all ages including kids, teens, and adults! the 18ft wild rapids slide can be used as a waterslide or a dry slide depending on your preference and where it will be set up. Featuring two lanes, this allows for quicker loading and unloading of participants so everyone can have fun! Additionally, at the bottom of this slide there is a small landing area for participants to be able to slow down and stop before exiting the slide. This slide is a tall slide measuring at 18 feet high! Most importantly, your guests will have a blast on this slide whether you use it wet or dry!

If you are using this slide as a waterslide, we supply one hose to connect to your water spigot! In addition, this slide works perfect as a dry slide as well if you do not have water access where the slide will be set up!

Additionally, the slide also features industry standard vinyl to provide a safe and fun experience for all participants.

Size: 25’L x 16’W x 18’H

Space Requirements: 33ft by 24ft

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