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Toddler Jump and Ball Pond Combo

Jumper Size: 14.4’L x 8.2’W x 7’H

Space Required: 17.4’L x 11.2’W

Electricity Requirements: 1 Circuit with 15 Amp breaker

Jumper must be set up within 50ft of outlet

Our toddler jump and ball pond combo is the perfect rental for events with toddlers. A toddler unit only, this jumper features a small jumping area and a ball pond pit for participants to enjoy. The two areas are separated by a horizontal log so your toddler canĀ  choose to bounce around or play in the ball pit. Because of the separate areas, it promotes the natural exploration in toddlers! With bright colors, the toddler jump and ball pond combo is sure to bring joy to your kid. Additionally, this jumper follows all industry safety standards. It also features safety netting on all sides so you can keep a watchful eye out on participants.

This rental includes the balls for the ball pit area. Generally, this jumper can have 2 to 5 participants at one time depending on the age and size of the kids jumping at one time. Participants must be toddlers up to the age of 4 years old.

Jumper Size: 14.4’L x 8.2’W x 7’H

Required Space: 17.4’L x 11.2’W

If you have any questions about our mini jump and ball pond combo, please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208!

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