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Standard Princess Castle Jumper

Standard 13ft by 13ft jumper.

Space required: 16ft by 16ft

Electricity Requirements: 1 Circuit with 15 Amp breaker

Jumper must be set up within 50ft of outlet with no overhead trees or powerlines

Our standard princess castle jumper is one of our most popular bounce house rentals. It’s main colors are pink and baby blue which makes it perfect for events looking to add those fun colors. Add some fun to your event with a jumper rental. Kids love bouncing around all day and stay entertained with our bounce houses. This jumper is perfect for backyard events, park events, corporate events, and even weddings! Most importantly, our princess castle jumper is guaranteed to be clean and disinfected for your event. Additionally, it follows all industry safety standards and features safety netting on all sides so you can keep an eye out on participants.

Generally, this item can have 3 to 8 participants at a time depending on the age and size of guests. For smaller children up to 9 years old, it can fit 4 to 8 participants. With kids from 9 to 12 years old, it can fit 4 to 6 participants. Additionally, for teens and adults the jumper can fit 3 participants at one time. These are general guidelines but varies depending on the age and size of participants jumping at one time.

Do you have a specific theme for your event? Ask about our banners that can be added to our princess castle to see if we have something to fit your theme!

please send in a quote or give us a call at 951-823-0208 if you have any questions about our princes castle rental!

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Jumper Size: 13ft by 13ft

Required Space: 16ft by 16ft



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